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ARSKA 60-vuotta

On the background of the growth of a company there’s often a coincidence, an idea, strong belief and vision of the future, and so it was in case of Arskametalli Oy, factory concentrated on grain handling. We are the oldest dryer manufacturer in Finland, so we know everything about dryer manufacturing from engineering to production.

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Latest News

We participate Maamess exhibition in Estonia


Maamess exhibition will be held in Tartu from 19 to 21 April 2018. You can find us from outdoor area, Starfeld Ltd's section VP-8.

The Arska brand logo has been renewed


The brand logo of the Arska grain drying products has been renewed. We also made an anniversary logo in honor of the 60-year-old brand.

We are reducing our carbon footprint


We acquired solar panels on the roof of our production facilities, which will produce about 14% of our annual electricity.

We participate in the "Ką pasėsi" exhibition in Lithuania


"Ką pasėsi" exhibition will be held in Kaunas 30.3. - 1.4.2017. You can find us from Dotnuva Baltic's section A1.

We've expanded our export network


Arskametalli Ltd and Dotnuva Baltic UAB have signed an agreement about Arska grain handling equipment dealership in Lithuania and Latvia.

Arskametalli acquires Mepu


Arskametalli Ltd is pleased to report that the previously announced purchase of the assets of Mepu Ltd has been completed by its newly established affiliate. The acquisition creates a strong player in the finnish and export markets for grain processing equipment. The manufacturing will remain in Yläne to continue the historical tradition of Mepu.

We participate in the OKRA exhibition in Oripää, Finland


OKRA exhibition will be held in Oripää airport 6th - 9th of July. Our representatives are introducing Tandem dryer, Superwagon dryer, round storage silo, JEMA conveyor, EcoHeater and cyclone. Welcome to our section A69!


Announcement: Mepu Ltd enters into negotiations to sell dryer business


Mepu is pleased to announce that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with Arskametalli's CEO Janne Käkönen with the intent to sell Mepu’s assets and operations. All assets necessary to continue the manufacturing of Mepu dryers and related products at the facility in Yläne will be acquired by Janne Käkönen with the goal to create a strong player in the Finnish and export markets.

Arskametalli Ltd

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