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ARSKA 60-vuotta

On the background of the growth of a company there’s often a coincidence, an idea, strong belief and vision of the future, and so it was in case of Arskametalli Oy, factory concentrated on grain handling. We are the oldest dryer manufacturer in Finland, so we know everything about dryer manufacturing from engineering to production.

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Latest News

The Arska brand logo has been renewed


Arskametalli Ltd has renewed the brand logo of the Arska grain drying products. The original logo was designed in 1989 by Jorma Käkönen, the son of the founder of the company, Arvo Käkönen. The current logo was reformed by Jorma Käkönen's granddaughter, Arskametalli's marketing equivalent Jenni Käkönen. The new logo will be launched on October 1, 2017 and will be updated in our marketing materials over time.

We are reducing our carbon footprint


Arskametalli Ltd reduces it's carbon footprint! We acquired solar panels on the roof of our production facilities, which will produce about 14% of our annual electricity. By producing a part of our power with renewable solar energy, we're slowing down climate change.

88 panel units were installed and those were supplied by GreenEnergy Finland Ltd. The installation was by Electrical Work by Sami Ruohonen.

We participate in the "Ką pasėsi" exhibition in Lithuania 30.3. - 1.4.2017


Ką pasėsi exhibition will be held in Kaunas, Lithuania 30.3. - 1.4.2017. Our representative Hannes Lauri is introducing the Superwagon dryer at the Dotnuva Baltic's section A1. Welcome!

We've expanded our export network


Arskametalli Ltd and Dotnuva Baltic UAB have signed an agreement about Arska grain handling equipment dealership in Lithuania and Latvia. In the picture corporate executives Janne Käkönen and Darius Jaloveckas.

Dotnuva Baltic is one of the largest agricultural equipment sellers in the Baltic countries. The company has approximately 300 employees and a turnover around 90 million EUR.


Arskametalli acquires Mepu


Yläne, Finland, 17th of June 2016

Arskametalli Ltd is pleased to report that the previously announced purchase of the assets of Mepu Ltd has been completed by its newly established affiliate. The acquisition creates a strong player in the finnish and export markets for grain processing equipment. The manufacturing will remain in Yläne to continue the historical tradition of Mepu.

We participate in the OKRA exhibition in Oripää 6. - 9.7.2016


OKRA exhibition will be held in Oripää airport 6th - 9th of July. Our representatives are introducing Tandem dryer, Superwagon dryer, round storage silo, JEMA conveyor, EcoHeater and cyclone. Welcome to our section A69!


Announcement: Mepu Ltd. enters into negotiations to sell dryer business


Yläne, Finland, 21th of April 2016

Our emails will be on a service break


Our emails will be moved to a new server on Sunday 03/13 from 20pm onwards and the break will last 'til Monday 03/14 about 12am. During this time we're unable to receive emails. Please contact us by telephone if necessary (see contact information.) Sorry for the inconvenience.

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