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Clean and dry

Square silo’s upper floor is clean and dust-free, when there is a pre-cleaner on top of the dryer. Cleaning efficiency can be increased with a fan installed on the top of the elevator, with a cyclone and with a small grain mesh.


Pre-cleaner efficiently removes trash, dust, chaff, small grains and other impurities from the grain. Equipment stays pure and drying is more perfect. According to the model of the pre-cleaner, it’s installed to the dryer’s cover or on the top part of the elevator - to both when wanted the best results, when there are two pre-cleaners working on the machinery at the same time.

Pre-cleaner A150 (to elevator) A200 (to dryer cover) A250 (to dryer cover)
Crop pipe [Ø mm] - 160 200
Trash pipe [Ø mm] 160 200 200
Motor [kW / RPM] 0.75 / 3000 1.5 / 3000 2.2 / 3000
Elevator recommendation [t] 68 / 92 / 118 68 92 / 118


Cyclone prevents impurities from pre-cleaner to spread to the surroundings of dryer. It closes trashes to one place - for example, to a trailer.

Available in galvanized and painted versions.

Small grain mesh

Small grain mesh separates during the recycling damaged grains, weed seeds and other impurities from the grain which the pre-cleaner doesn’t separate.

Standard sieves: solid / 2mm / 2,5mm, 4mm as option

Grain sorter

The affordable, quiet and and efficient Arska sorter is equipped with a rotary screening drum ensuring uniform sorting results. The sorter is small in size but large in capacity. The sorter is easy to install and to use. The unit can be installed to the upper part of a square silo for example.

The sorter includes a separate pre-cleaner based on the rising air principle, which separates dust and other impurities from grain, peas, and rapeseed with equal efficiency. The speed and inclination angle of screening drums available in several screen hole sizes can be adjusted steplessly while the machine is in operation.


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