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The oldest dryer manufacturer in Finland

Arskametalli Ltd. is located in Somero, in the middle of the most important grain growing area of Finland. The factory has been operating for three generations and has manufactured grain dryers, heaters, elevators and pre-cleaners since 1958 and square silos since 1972.

Current factory has been expanded eight times and currently there's 7000m2 of working space. Our business is based on customer satisfaction, which we get by making the grain handling equipment efficient and competitive and with delivery accuracy. We respect protection of the environment in all our actions. Arskametalli Ltd. has been allocated the CE marking.

Farmers are very demanding customers. As specialists of their field they give high value on our product's top quality and durability.


Arska - Always a step ahead

Because we are concentrated on grain handling, storing and drying only, we can focus all our efforts on maintaining top quality in our products and staying in the lead of drying technology development.

The details of the dryer, heater and other key components have been developed basing on the feedback received from finnish farmers over many decades of experience. Arskametalli produces high quality without compromises. Every detail is made and controlled with special care. Industry leading manufacturing technology is used in production.