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Powers 68 / 92 / 118 tons per hour

Arska elevators made of galvanized steel convey the grain fast and certainly. Motor attached to the elevator top part’s axle ensures a certain start in any circumstances.

Adjustable crop guide prevents grain to access back to elevator pipe. Replacement air inlet comes through a gap on the tipping hopper's endcap's upper edge. Structure enhances significantly grain's flow, when grain can be stored in the tipping hopper longer than usually.

The elevator is easy to maintain and clean. There’s a removable hatch on the top part and large cleaning hatches on the sides of the bottom part. Pre-cleaner attached to the top part keeps the square silo dust-free while moving the grain.

The wedge-shaped bottom part, even and small clearance between the cups and their trajectory where the cups are on horizontal position when they face the grain coming from the tipping hopper, provides many advantages. Cups are always subjected to a maximum fill and they don’t kick back.

    — Open handle pulleys on the bottom and top parts
    — Direct-drive gear motors
    — Self-supporting structure

Elevator A68 A92 A118
Power [t / h] 68 92 118
Pipe [Ø mm] 210 280 280
Belt width [mm] 140 170 170
Cup amount [pcs / m] 7 6 6
Cup size [inches] 5.5 7 8
Crop pipe [Ø mm] 160 200 200
Motor [kW] 4 5.5 / 7.5 7.5


Standard equipments

— speed control
— 3-way divider Ø160 / Ø200

— inlet 4 x Ø200

— inlet for tipping hopper


— pre-cleaner A150 (to top part)
— motored 3-way divider

— motored shutter

— inlet 2 x Ø200

Dimensional drawings

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