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Arska dryers are the key for more efficient and economical grain drying

At the first sight many dryers may look similiar to each other, but Arska dryer’s best features can be found beneath the surface. Designing the structures and details we paid attention to costs of drying and the quality of the outcome. There are many details and strong arguments for the solutions. This way we’ve achieved more efficient drying, smoother recyling, stronger structure and more affordable price.

Lots of standard equipments

As usual, we only offer the best. There’s no haggling on the details: the delivery package includes all the utilies you need.



Grain is pre-heated in the levelling cell.

There are closing hatches on the highest heat cell for partial batches.

Grain moves as an equal layer at the both sides of the air channels in the heat cell. Every other channel is a inlet air channel and every other is a outlet air channel. Drying happens at the humid side of the grain pillar, heading towards to the dry side. Warm air moving through the grain pillar cools that part of the grain that has heaten the most on the previous heat cell.

Air notches are higher than usual and equal on both sides of the dryer. Walls of the air notches permeate air on the entire area.

Spreading brushes are located evenly in the center of each grain pillar. They supplement the mixing of the grain layer and prevent the condensation.

Base’s size as grain capacity is relatively small, in which case the humid grain doesn’t remain inside the base. Grain in the base is constantly under drying, because there are heat ridges on the lowest cell. There are manholes on the sides of the base and control hatches over the feeder.

Bottom fan keeps the base hopper in the low pressure, which promotes the grain to dry. Ridge plate on the base hopper prevents the grain from going into the bottom fan. Bottom fan’s connection is low enough to achieve a sufficient low pressure to the bottom cone and the suction takes place on the entire area of the cone.


Heat cells

In Arska heat cell the grain circulates smoothly and certainly. In the highest and in the lowest heat cell the drying air is lead in from the half notches, which are located in the sides of the cells.

Outlet air channel’s wall is made of non-clogging and highly permeable galvanized steel net. Inlet air channel’s wall is galvanized scaled steel, which ensures the efficient drying.

Outlet air channel’s permeability is remarkably higher compared to the inlet air channel, so the humidity exits efficiently and the internal remain clean.

Cross track feeding

Depending of the model P, S, M or F dryers have 4 - 12 feeding tracks. Arska dryers are characterized by smooth feeding.

Four-bladed cross track feeder works without trouble. Feed amount stays the same from start to finish of drying, regardless of grain moisture. The feed speed increases during the cooling.

Recycling works reliably with all grain species along the small grains. Recycle speed is adjusted variably with a frequency inverter.


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