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Seed cleaners

Seed cleaner separates damaged grain, weed seeds and other impurities from the grain. These are particles which normal pre-cleaner is not able to remove. Clever design allows mounting in almost any dryer – also for other brands!

Standard sieves: solid, 2mm and 2,5mm. Also ask for other sieve sizes!



WiSDOM Seed Cleaner rejects pathogens with blue light

LED Tailor Innova7ion and Arskametalli Ltd have developed in cooperation WiSDOM SEED technology, which utilizes non-chemical blue light to reject the pathogens on the surface of the seed.

Effective blue lights have been attached to the standard seed cleaner. Blue light doesn’t produce any harmful UV radiation. Light technology was awarded at international Quality Innovation Awards competition in Spain.

Blue light has been tested with (dry grain):
• Grain: fusarium
• Special plants (oilseeds, flax, quinoa): downy mildews
• Barley: net blotch
• Wheat: spot blotch

Source: Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)


Dimensional drawings