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Conveyors JEMA DRY PIT tipping hopper


JEMA DRY PIT tipping hopper

Tipping hopper has been developed in order to provide optimal conditions for servicing and avoiding water in the DRY PIT.

The steel pit must hang in a concrete pit with vertical sides and it’s produced in sections of galvanized steel plate that are bolted together. The pit is produced in a walk-over and in a drive-over versions. The DRY PIT has a standard width of 3m and it’s available in three depths. It can be delivered in lenghts from three meters. Full lenght (A-measure) depends on the model of the conveyor, model and position of the elevator.

— easy service access
— simple assembly
— optimal protection against water
— made of 3 - 4mm galvanized steel plates
— fits with T45, T49 and T57 conveyors


Tipping hopper Volume [m3] Depth [cm] (D-measure)
  4 x 3m 6 x 3m 8 x 3m T57 T49 T45
DRY PIT 1 12,7 20,7 28,7 233 240 253
DRY PIT 2 17,6 28,0 38,5 273 279 293
DRY PIT 3 22,5 35,4 48,3 315 322 336